Daeho-al is preparing for the new future with a competitive advantage in the market.

Career Opportunities

Takes initiative mind to move continually for the better.

Sets a new initiative goal passionately with a challenging spirit rather than staying at the current level.

Enjoys working closely with others and volunteering.

Works in harmony towards the common goal to bring a sense of achievement to both the organization and individuals, further serving the community and country in good faith.

Works diligently and with integrity.

Comes with a mindset that working hard and with integrity as a member of an organization pays off with the utmost value and best outcomes, while working consistently for the better.

  • Job Posting

    Job openings are posted whenever available in the corresponding duties/area.
  • Job Application

    Any candidate is requested to fill out the job application form provided by our company before submitting it along with other requested documents.
  • Document screening

    A successful candidate will be notified after going through the document screening which considers their personality, quality and capabilities.
  • Interview Screening

    The interview for employment takes place twice – one with the working group and the other with the management.
  • Physical Ability Test and Aptitude Test

    The physical ability test and aptitude test are both carried out.
  • Getting Hired

    Successful candidates are finally announced after comprehensively assessing document, interview, physical ability test and aptitude test screening processes.
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