Daeho-al is preparing for the new future with a competitive advantage in the market.


Daeho-al is specialized in the manufacture of aluminum coils, sheets and high-quality circles as its key products.
As for coils and sheets, they are used as industrial materials (EV, ESS, LED TV, Mobile Phones, Refrigerators and Auto Parts), whereas circles are delivered to kitchen utensil companies and LED lighting companies by meeting their requested physical properties of the circles.
We have built the production system for small batch and multi-variety thanks to know-hows on aluminum sheet production, which results in increasing customer satisfaction through the short lead time to cope with a rapidly-changing market demand.

- Coil
- Sheet
- Circle

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- Secondary Battery > ESS(Energy Storage System)/EV
  • Uses Battery Module
  • Uses Battery Cell
  • Uses Battery Cell
  • Uses E-GMP System

- Automotive
  • Uses Door Garnish, Door Pillar, Name Plate, Heat Protector, ECU Case, Partition Panel, Oil Cooler and Air Tank
  • Uses Door Garnish, Door Pillar, Name Plate, Heat Protector, ECU Case, Partition Panel, Oil Cooler and Air Tank

- Appliances
  • Uses Refrigerator Metal Cooling
  • Uses TV Parts
  • Uses Mobile Phone SIM Card Tray/Camera Deco

- Kitchen Supplies
  • Uses Pressure Cooker Parts
  • Uses Frying Pans
  • Uses Pots

- Building Material
  • Uses Road Soundproof Walls
  • Uses Building Interior&Exterior Materials

- Others
  • Uses Cosmetic Caps
  • Uses Cosmetic Caps

- Areas of Application and Characteristics per Alloy
합금별 적용분야 및 특징
Classifications Alloy Characteristics Areas of Application
1000Series A1070 Low in intensity but excellent in moldability, weldability and corrosion resistance. Kitchen Utensils, Reflectors, Decorations, Conductors, Building Electric Furniture and Printing Plates
2000Series A2017 With Cu as the primary ingredient added and the Mg-containing alloy heat treated, the intensity is high, showing a vulnerability in corrosion resistance and weldability. Structure, aircraft material
3000Series S3000 Coating kitchen utensil alloy Kitchen supplies
A3003 Slightly high in intensity than A1100, showing excellence in moldability, weldability and corrosion resistance Kitchen utensils, building interior&exterior materials, vessels and automotives
A3004 High in intensity than A3003, showing excellence in moldability and corrosion resistance
A3005 Higher in intensity than A3003, showing excellence in moldability and corrosion resistance EV, ESS battery
A3104 Superior to A3004 in intensity LCD·LED radiators
4000Series A4032 Non-heat-treatable alloys with Si added as the primary ingredient Welding material, clads
5000Series A5005 Similar in intensity to A3003, showing excellence in corrosion resistance, weldability and machinability 방Soundproof walls, building interior&exterior materials, automotives
A5052 A leading alloy with an intermediate intensity level, showing excellence in corrosion resistance and moldability Vessels, automotives, building and electric/electronic uses
DH5000 Higher in intensity than A5052, showing excellence in corrosion resistance, moldability and weldability Automotive interir&exterior materials
7000Series A7075 High strength heat-treated alloy with Zn added as the primary ingredient and Mg added later Aircraft, sports supplies and railway vehicles
8000Series N8150 Ivory white coloring alloy with excellence in machinability Kitchen utensils
9000Series I9000 Higher in intensity than N8150 with excellent machinability Kitchen utensils
- Product Specifications
Product Specifications
Classifications Thickness(mm) Width(m) Remarks
Coil 0.3~4.8 Max 780 ID : 300, 400, 500 ㎜
OD : Max 1,400 ㎜
Circle 0.5~4.8 ø130~755  
Sheet 0.3~4.8 Max 780 Length : Max 3,000 ㎜
- Production Capacity
Production Capacity
Classifications Remarks
AL Slab Melting & Casting line 7,000 ton/month
Hot Rolling 1Line (Hot Rolling 1Line) 6,500 ton/month
Cold Rolling 2Lines (Cold Rolling 2Lines) 6,000 ton/month
Tension Leveller 1Line (Tension Leveller 1Line) 2,000 ton/month
Auto-Blanking Press 5Lines (Auto-Blanking Press 5Lines) 2,000 ton/month
Slitter·Minishear 1Line (Slitter·Minishear 1Line) 3,000 ton/month
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