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Railway Vehicles

Railway Vehicle Products

- Railway Vehicle Structure

The railway vehicle AL PROFILE, which is the core part in the frame and exterior of a railway vehicle such as a high-speed train, was developed first to secure the safety of a vehicle operating in high speed

- High-speed train AL PROFILE
- High-speed train AL PROFILE
- Railway vehicle AL PROFILE

- Railway Vehicle Manufacturing Process
- Railway Vehicle Equipment

    1. Processing Specification: 950(H)*3600(W)*25000(L)
    2. 5-axis Processing
    3. Production CAPA : 24 Vehicles/Month
    (Based on Railway Vehicle SIDE BLOCK Processing)

  • Milling Machine No.8

    1. Processing Specification: 870(W)*2400(L)
    2. Production CAPA: 24 Vehicles/Month
    (Based on Railway Vehicle CANT RAIL Processing)

  • welding machine

    1. TIG Welder (9 units)
    2. MIG Welder (16 units)
    3. Semi-auto Welder (8 units)
    4. SPOT Welder (1 unit)
    5. Co2 Welder (2 units)
    6. Welding Boom Equipment (2 units)

- Railway Vehicle Equipmen(ROLL FORMING)
Equipment Layout
Equipment Specifications
Forming Line 1 6.0t*600W*Φ100*14layers 1LINE
Forming Line 2 10.0t*1000*Φ150*16layers 1LINE
Forming Line 3 3.2t*600W*Φ85*16layers 1LINE
Forming Line 4 3.5t*500W*Φ75*15layers 1LINE
Forming Line 5 3.5t*500W*Φ75*15layers 1LINE
Forming Line 6 2.3t*1550W*Φ110*23layers 1LINE
- Railway Vehicle Project Performance Records
Vehicle Model Classifications Product Name PROJECT Year Delivered
Aluminum Vehicle Model (AL) Manufactured and Delivered Vehicle Model SIDE FRAME AREX (Airport Railroad Express) 2009
KTX-II 2010
Next Generation High Speed Train 2011
Greece Athens Subway Train 2011
Incheon Urban Railway Line 2 2012
Trunk Line 2013
Honam High Speed Train 2014
Wooi Shinseol Light Rail Transit 2014
Su-Seo High Speed Train 2015
Wongang Line High Speed Train 2016
Turkey Yenicarf Subway Train 2016
EMU-250 2019
EMU-High Speed Vehicle 2019
ROOF FRAME Busan-Gimhae Light Rail Transit 2009
Seoul-Chooncheon Rail Line 2010
EMU-250 2019
EMU-High Speed Vehicle 2019
Ongoing Vehicle Model SIDE FRAME Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Subway Train 2017~2020
U/F(FLOOR) Australia NIF Subway Train 2018~
Handling Dept Tel Fax
Railway Vehicles Team 053-611-5401~5 053-615-7540 / 053-611-5406