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Dew condensation should not be generated on the product.

The ventilation system is likely to produce dew condensation as it is a place where the outdoor air and indoor air meet.
This may cause mold and bacteria to grow and they are likely to make their way into the house through the air intake.


As the total heat exchange efficiency is higher, energy consumption becomes less.

  • Winter

  • Summer

Natural ventilation : Air conditioned indoor air exits.

General mechanical ventilation

Rotary ventilation (VENQ) : Shows a high total heat exchange efficiency to be perfect for energy conservation performance.

!This is based on our simulation standard where the valid total heat exchange efficiency under KS B 6879 standards is applied, therefore, a difference may exist when actually used.


Efficient filter application and management can keep the ventilation system performing in good0condition.

  • PRE Filter (Grade G4)

    Non-woven fabric filter (Removes 90% of dust with a size of 5㎛)
    Protects the HEPA filter against household dust,
    pet dander and pollen (filter lifespan extended)

  • HEPA Filter (Grade H13)

    High performance HEPA filter (removes 99.95% of ultrafine dust with a size of 0.3㎛)Effective in eliminating indoor molds, coliform bacillus, all kinds of germs and bacteria, along with yellow dust, fine toxic virus and pneumococcus, staphylococcus, allergy-causing object and fine dust and cigarette smoke.

  • Antimicrobial Copper Filter

    Antimicrobial copper - semi-permanent and eco-friendly material – eradicates germs and removes over 99% of virus and bacteria of all sorts within 2 hours.
    Effective in preventing the transmission of infectious and communicable diseases, such as cross-contamination, due to natural antibiotic action contained in the copper.

  • Deodorization Filter

    Uses an absorbent such as high quality activated carbon,
    zeolite or alumina.
    Resolves toxic gas by coating Nano Metal.

!A difference may exist by product or option.


Enables automatic control based onCO2 and fine dust.

  • Auto/pass mode - CO2 based

    Air volume varies depending on CO2 concentration.

    - Very Good& Good : Power Saving (Speed 0 – 60% of Speed1)
    - Fair : Speed 1
    - Poor : Speed 2
    - Very Poor: Speed 3

    Very Good : 0~450(ppm)
    Good : 450~700(ppm)
    Fair : 701~1000(ppm)
    Poor : 1001~1400(ppm)
    Very Poor : 1401~(ppm)

  • Clean Mode – Based on fine dust

    Wind volume varies depending on the fine dust concentration.

    - Very Good&Good: Power Saving (Speed 0 – 60% of Speed1)
    - Fair: Speed 1
    - Poor: Speed 2
    - Very Poor: Speed 3

    Very Good : 0~8(㎍/㎥)
    Good : 9~15(㎍/㎥)
    Fair : 16~35(㎍/㎥)
    Poor : 36~75(㎍/㎥)
    Very Poor : 76~(㎍/㎥)


Maintenance is more important than installations.

  • 6 built-in sensors enable auto operation even when one thing goes over the standard.

    Capable of maintaining the clean indoor air quality regardless of many years of use.

  • 6 types of numerical values are identified in real time to check for machinery error.

    Capable of identifying the replacement cycle of a filter and a total heat exchange element.

    Anyone can easily replace the filter.

!A difference may exist by product or option.

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