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Thermal Energy Storage Heat Exchange

Refers to a heat exchange method in which the total heat exchange element performs continuous/sequential circulation between the air supply and exhaust system

Easy to control humidity

The total heat exchange element stores heat and humidity of outdoor air and delivers them to the inside to control humidity

Blocking the source of dew condensation

Prevents dew condensation from building up from the beginning through the structure separated between the air supply and exhaust system

Applicable to all settings with customized heat exchange elements

Enables the best ventilation system to be built under any settings thanks to possible adjustments to the material, diameter and thickness of the element

Sterilization/Antibacterial System Installation

Daeho-al has come to develop its unique sterilization/antibacterial system showing excellence in eliminating mold, coliform bacillus, peudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus and pneumococcus

Characteristics of rotary total heat exchange element

CLEO HEC(Clean Automatic Heat Exchange Core), a patent technology for heat exchange element (Registration number : 10-1191716) consists of total heat exchange elements in the form of a multi-fraction cylinder with a 7-layered fan shape. Sherpa CNC was patented for Korea market and Daeho-al is in use of Sherpa CNC’s patent.

  • Total Heat Exchange Element

    Is generated by a decrease in the flow ventilated with a pressure difference (Density Gradient) in each non-woven fabric. This resistor works for temperature (heat) and humidity in the air to be easily stored in the element -> improving the total heat (sensible heat plus latent heat) exchange efficiency.

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